Secure Camera

The Secure Camera app is now available on the Android Market.

Secure Camera is an app which will keep your private photos private.

The pictures you snap with Secure Camera will be stored on your sd-card and encrypted using a symmetric key. You'll need to login to the app using a password. Once you've entered the correct password, you'll be able to take new pictures and browse the pictures you've already stored.

You'll only be able to access you pictures through the Secure Camera app, though you'll be able to export your pictures to the sd-card in unencrypted format.

Important Note

  • If you forget your password you'll not be able to retrieve your pictures
    • Choose a password you'll not forget
    • Write down your password somewhere
  • If you keystore file becomes corrupt you'll not be able to retrieve your pictures
    • Backup your keystore file and keep it somewhere safe. If your keyfile becomes corrupt you can import your backup keystore file.

How to use

There are three main screens which allow you to take pictures, browse your pictures and configure how you want the app to behave.

  • The main screen
    • The main screen allows you to log in, log out, take pictures and launch the gallery to browse your current images.
    • Pressing the "Menu" button on this screen will allow you to go to the configuration screen

  • The gallery screen
    • The gallery screen lets you browse the images you've taken
    • You can click on an item to view the image in full resolution
    • You can long-click an item to delete it or export it to the unencrypted folder on your SD-card

  • The configuration screen
    • The configuration screen allows you to:
      • Import a keystore file
        • This is the file that contains the key the app is using to encrypt en decrypt the images you've taken with the app.
        • This file is very important, hence you should keep a backup of it somewhere safe.
        • If this file becomes damaged or unreadable, you'll no longer be able to browse or export your pictures

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