Version 2.0 of TimeManager is out on the Android Market

Key changes:

  • Complete overhaul of the user interface
  • Various bug fixes

Version of TimeManager is out on the Android Market.
The new date selector

Key changes:

  • New date selector
  • Bug fixes regarding registering hours
  • Bug fix for sending the csv file over e-mail

The TimeManager application will allow you to track any work related tasks which should be invoiced to you customers and clients. The interface is minimalistic and very simple to use.

There are four panels which lets you track your time
  - Register : This is where you select the client and the work you've done
  - Clients : This is where you manage and create new clients
  - Rates : This is where you manage and create the rates you want to charge
  - Export: This is where you export your registered data.

You can save the hours you have registered in three ways
  - Export them to a file in csv format on you sd-Card, and recover it to you computer
  - Email them to yourself as a csv file
  - Upload them to a Google Doc spreadsheet (if you have a Google Docs account)

Pressing the Menu button, will allow you to configure your Google Docs account, and also review and delete hours that have been registered.