Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Travel Expenses application version 1.8 is currently in the testing phase. The release on the Android Market will likely be on or about December 11th.

The new features which have been added to this version are the following

  • Added a time field for the start and end of a trip respectively
  • Enable to user to add a recurring expense (like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.) to each day of a trip with a few simple clicks. For example, for a trip lasting five days, the user will be able to add a breakfast entry for each day by doing the following:
    • Click the "Recurring" button on the trip details screen
    • Selecting the expense type ( "Food" )
    • Enter the number of items to add for each day ( in this case 1 )
    • Enter the total number of items to add to the trip ( in this case 5 )
    • Enter the date to start adding the items ( the date the trip starts )
    • Entering the amount of the expense ( let's say 10.00 )
    • Optionally entering a comment ( "Breakfast" )
    • Clicking "OK"

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