Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Travel Expenses application version 1.8 has been published on the Android Market.

The new features which have been added to this version are the following

  • Added a time field for the start and end of a trip respectively
  • Enable to user to add a recurring expense (like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.) to each day of a trip with a few simple clicks. For example, for a trip lasting five days, the user will be able to add a breakfast entry for each day by doing the following:
    • Click the "Recurring" button on the trip details screen
    • Selecting the expense type ( "Food" )
    • Enter the number of items to add for each day ( in this case 1 )
    • Enter the total number of items to add to the trip ( in this case 5 )
    • Enter the date to start adding the items ( the date the trip starts )
    • Entering the amount of the expense ( let's say 10.00 )
    • Optionally entering a comment ( "Breakfast" )
    • Clicking "OK"

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